Otherwise known as feeling twitchy. If I was an animal, it would be a highly territorial one.

Those of you with a passing knowledge of Connecticut may have heard of the long running arguments over trees vs roads. There is a sizable faction in the state DOT, backed by the ever whimsical voter, who yowls for clear cuts 100 feet back from Either side of the road. On the pretext that then the power will never go out and people will never die.  Or at least not die from the physics of tree plus car.  This conveniently ignores a number of things, not least the fact that the DOT only owns 25 feet to either side of the road.  In some places they have done a fifty foot cut, without any particular consultation.

They like cutting trees and they have been making money from cutting the trees.  Which is laudable, better than chipping them, and I completely understand the need for proper maintenance.  But it makes me twitchy. Those seventy-five feet contain some very nice, very large oak, pine, and spruce here.  And they do not belong to the state.

So the appearance of a bright orange ribbon and arrow? Twitchy. Nothing in the woods is marked, but it means something and I don’t know what. Except what I have seen in other areas.

Funny how there is no contact number for general inquiries, just the classic drop-down box form, without a category about trees.