For the last few years, we have had remarkable success with keeping the critters at bay.  Until a few days ago, that is. In the span of the last two days: a 30 foot square patch of crocus, half a row of kale, the majority of the chard, about a third of the parsley, whatever peas were left, the tops of the carrots and parsnips, some sections of oakleaf hydrangea, one yew, and (most insulting) one, prized turban type winter squash.

The crocus was a vole family, the squash probably mice, the rest were deer* in the vegetable garden.  Measures have been taken to deal with this ranging from moving the rest of the squash, to Mole Med (a castor oil based product) in the crocus, to the ever pleasant Liquid Fence for the deer. What I would like to know with the latter is, why does the wind always shift so I get it on me?

It could have been worse, the umbrella pine, hollies, azaleas, English oaks, and various other slow growing things were not chewed on.  Still!


*The temptation to take a pot shot from the back porch is strong….