(my politics probably don’t match yours) (once in awhile, the fact that this is my blog as well as the house’s will be asserted)

If one more F*!$#@! person or media thing tells me the recession is over, employment is climbing, inflation is not happening, and Obamacare will not cause my health insurance to double in cost (and cover less)….well I won’t scream, I won’t hit them, but I will consider them to be in need of serious, immediate psychiatric care or to be immoral F*@#$!, depending on how charitable I am not.

My hours are cut, the two businesses I am connected with (one retail, one media) are practicing scuba diving, and yes my insurance has gone up by another $100 a month.* We won’t consider the lie that is the Federal inflation calculator, you know, the one that does not include food?


*I haven’t gone to a doctor in 15 years, either.