I was taking an exploratory drive today, adding a few more roads in a few more towns to my ‘I know exactly where that goes and what is on it’ list.  I took myself in a wonderful backwards arc (it being cloudy and having misjudged the overall alignment of hills/reservoirs/towns) to come out in an unexpected location from an unexpected direction.  Quite enjoyable. I fully intend to do it again.

But the roads must be a little maddening to people.  Poorly signed, frequently narrow and twisting*, and in the area I was in today (dominated by state/water company land) entirely wooded. Now one tree does not look like another tree, but you know what? One green Connecticut hilltop looks remarkably like the next green Connecticut hilltop, especially when one can only see one at a time and briefly. For that matter, one river looks a lot like the next river.  And straight lines? They are an anathema.

There is only one rule in these explorations: if the power lines stop, the pavement ends, and the incline starts to exceed 10% with washing, pay attention to what an elderly Civic can and cannot do!


*A paved, two-lane road, perhaps twenty feet wide, with no shoulders is a New England staple.  And, of course, because it is a two lane, paved road the appropriate speed is precisely the same as that for a road with modern curves and double the width; furthermore the traffic load is probably the same.