The primary piano in the house is an 1898 Model A Steinway.  It has, since 1898, always been in the corner of the big Keeping Room.  It possesses a classic Steinway tone and quality that, in my biased opinion, is hard to match.  (but loyalty to pianos is rather like the traditional Chevy/Ford/Dodge rivalry)  Admittedly, it does have a few quirks in its temperament making it very unforgiving for people who don’t have strong hands and control.

It had developed a rather disconcerting, barely audible, high frequency ring on certain notes due to some misbehaving dampers.  This meant that the action got pulled out today, which gives one a very different look at a typical grand piano:





At the time that this piano, no.  94008, was built and when it was first played here in this house, the Steinway Company was making pianos for: the Queen of England (Victoria), the Prince of Saxony, the German Emperor, the Queen of Spain, the King of Sweden and Norway, the Emperor of Austria (also King of Hungary), the King of Italy, and the Emperor of Russia.  A different world…