I am mildly confident that we have found all the boxes of china in the house*….of course, I had assumed that we had previously done so…an errant box packed some thirty-two years ago just showed back up again.  A lovely surprise, but not what we had expected to find buried in that room.  I think I have found appropriate spaces for just about everything that was in it.  I think there are also very few places in the house which contain boxes that have not been gone through in recent years, i.e. the last decade; that lot (which I was not a part of, so it doesn’t totally count for the control freak!) might have been almost the last.  Not quite the last though!

My favorite remains the massive, locked suitcase that was too heavy to move and to which we finally took bolt cutters…only to discover it was entirely full of German textbooks.

I have a warped sense of humor, I have sometimes wondered just how long it would take, and how many people it would take, to do a really thorough job of a search warrant on this place.  Never mind upon which door does that knock (or No Knock these days) happens.

*Let’s leave the barn out of this discussion, shall we?  Let’s also leave the boxes that have been opened and hurriedly shut out too, yes?