There are certain things, a large number of things, that I don’t particularly care for.  Open stairs are one of those things.  Which is unfortunate, seeing as this house has a three-story open staircase, with the stairs cantilevered off the exterior walls so there is only a single central post.*  It makes a lovely architectural statement, which I greatly appreciate.  But I have always navigated the upper, attic level clinging to the wall.  Always have, always will, and no number of engineers or carpenters or hundreds of trips up and down will change my mind.

Now this wouldn’t be an issue, except said stairs are also made of lovely amber-shellaced hard pine which was re-shellaced  a few years ago and so is back to a high gloss finish.  That glowing, dark amber color is wonderful, but I know of no other surface (especially when backlit by low angle western sunlight) that shows dust quite so well.  It got dusted today, in preparation for the holiday season, and it needed it*; but that is one dusting job I never enjoy…you can’t do it without leaning over the balusters.  That is not enjoyable!

Fun and games.

*story number four goes into the basement.

**Yes I am fully aware that I haven’t finished the attic landing.