Continues! I took the Morning Glories off the pergola today, I suppose they might have managed one more day; though I think it is too cold tonight.  A fiddly job, carefully cutting them out of the clematis and grape. I have also finally gotten the last few crocus and daffodil bulbs planted, probably not enough…never enough! Mostly in the daylily fence-line, which meant a long break because my horse was adamant that I ought to be on the lookout while he took a nap leaning against me.  It is very hard to ignore a horse that is leaning over the fence and wondering if daffodil bulbs are edible.

The meadow grass areas are all cut as well, slowly the bare bones of the landscape are emerging.  It is a fascinating process; it reveals what has happened during the summer far more clearly than would other wise be possible.

The big garden and long garden are also clean and sharp in their shapes, though I can take no credit for them; everything is Neat.  It should pay dividends next spring!


(now, if I could just finish off the bushels of apples and tomatoes….)