We have an over-sized tree: namely a lone hemlock towering about seventy feet over the little summer kitchen, Minnietrost (the smaller of the two cottages), and even over the south end.  It is beloved of the birds, in the winter because it is a good roosting spot; but in the summer because of the Woodbine (Virginia Creeper) which is now managed to get well over halfway up it.  For much of the summer it blends in (though when it flowers, the hum of the bees is audible from the ground) but in fall….  We can’t take any credit for the impressive display, a happy accident.*


From below


From two high stories up, the little summer kitchen is visible below.  The south end is about thirty-five/forty feet tall.


*The woodbine, perhaps more than anything, is why taking it down isn’t really something I want to do.