Autumn clematis: all across the hilltop, whether this is the native ‘wild’ or the introduced, I honestly don’t know.  I know our’s is the introduced type. (ivory)

Goldenrod: at least five types (yellow)

White wood aster (heart-shaped leaves): a bit early, it absolutely blankets the woods here (white)

Whorled wood aster (white)

A variety of asters, from the tiny calico types to the big, purple New England types. (I figure if the botanists can’t tell them apart, I probably can’t either) (whites/blues)

Blue Lobelia (blue)

Red Lobelia (cardinal flower) (RED)

Jerusalem artichoke (a good clear gold)

Lingularia (a mustard gold)

Indian tobacco (small blue flowers)

Black eyed susans (yellow)

Pholx (paniculata) (white/pinks)

Shasta daisies (white)

One late white hosta (white)

Morning glories (dark blue)

Scarlet pimpernel (red)

Marigolds (yellows/oranges/reds)

Sunflowers (yellows)

Hyssop (dusty violet)

Monarda (red)

Jewelweed (orange and yellow)

Some rebloom on the Weigelia (red)

Hydrangeas (white/rose/blue)

Caryopteris (blue)

Japanese Anenome (pink)