Which I am barely staying ahead of… The winter squash patch, which is the patch that is being most heavily attacked, has a couple of hills with the vines sprawling in between and finally beginning to extend out of the borders. It isn’t large, perhaps 4’x5′ in size. All of the plants touch, and earlier in the season I was finding squash beetles evenly distributed on all of the plants. However, I took three extra tomatoes and planted them in the middle. Now, I don’t think those tomatoes are going to produce very much, though they seem to be quite healthy. However, on the squash vines that are in direct contact with the tomatoes…I am not finding squash bugs nor eggs. I find them on the other side of the plant, but not on sections intertwined with the tomatoes.
This, it seems to me, is potentially very interesting. Maybe it is a fluke, or maybe it is a partial solution?