There is something rather absurd about a frost on Monday night, severe enough to curl some young leaves, and on Wednesday night a line storm with a spectacular hour long light show, and today it is about ninety.
I will say that last night’s storm was impressive to watch: the fast moving black front edge with a sudden increase in wind and drop in temperature; the lightning streaking across the sky; and the sub-audible thunder that you really ‘heard’ because the plate on the wall in the dining room was constantly vibrating, with periodic rattles from nearby strikes. It rattles when low-flying planes come over or in thunderstorms, why that plate (or that wall) picks up the vibration I am not sure. It doesn’t pick up road noise.
Still being able to scan the meadow in close to daylight conditions (albeit a purple sky), but picking up greens and reds, with the light lasting long enough to really look at the meadow and the hills beyond, on average once every thirty seconds for well over half an hour is an awful lot of energy! Lots of ground strikes on the hills to the west too. Would have been neat to get some pictures, since with a much faster camera it would have been possible as the strikes tended to last for ‘long’ times.
I have to admit that while those storms are spectacular to watch, I can’t help but think of all the trees that make lovely targets here, and what a mess it is when they are hit…