I am not going to object to the several days of cold rain, though 50, raining, and constant wind, is bracing. The rain now means daffodils next year, among other things (you know, minor things: like enough groundwater!). And it has refreshed the water in the ponds, reducing the duckweed/algae thing. I am glad the tomatoes aren’t out yet, however.
It does give one a good chance to look at what flowers can or cannot stand up to such large amounts of water and wind. Lilacs melt, as only lilacs can, into rather unappealing mush. If the flowers panicles are young and unbruised by the wind, they stand up well. But if they are at all passed their peak…brown mush.
The early clematis ‘Mayleen’ seems to think it is just fine, despite an exposed location where the flowers can get beaten against the trellis in the wind, they are apparently undamaged. None of the others have opened yet.
The evergreen azaleas…mush, pretty mush, but still. They were past their peak anyway, but usually they last a little longer. The exception is one red azalea, its smaller flowers seem to be able to handle the rain.*
The deciduous azaleas are a surprise, despite the huge flowers of the Exbury types, the rain has not damaged them. The native swamp azaleas are quite happy.
The viburnums are variable, snowball types tend to catch the water…mush. The mariesi snowflake types don’t mind.

Columbines love it, although I think it may shorten the individual flower’s life. Tulips disintegrate, but they were essentially done. Camassia can get flattened if it lacks support. Sweet woodruff, tiarella, forget-me-nots, rocket, trillium: all very happy.
The real surprise performers are the iris. They are just starting to open, and as long as they are staked or have short stalks, the rain doesn’t seem to bother them at all, nor does the wind.

*This is an azalea of uncertain parentage, tiny evergreen leaves and equally tiny scarlet red flowers. Think cardinal flower red. It is in a terrible location which has gotten much too shady, but the idea of moving a thirty year old azalea scares me.