There always comes a day in spring when the world goes green. Suddenly, the forest fills in, trees that seemed distant are suddenly right in front of one. This effect can happen in a matter of hours. Go out in the morning and the roads seem wide and bare; come back in the evening and they are tree-lined alleys. A lot of people find it claustrophobic. It certainly does take a readjustment every spring.
It also changes the color of things entirely. The big Keeping room and library of the house have a set of windows that, in the winter, look out at a large expanse of open trees and garden areas. In the spring, this is transformed to Green, much brighter than the late summer greens. The colors of the rooms change as well; mercifully, they are painted/plastered in shades that tolerate green light. It is, however, a subtly different effect; especially in the Keeping room where the tinted plaster contains minute mica flecks. These don’t sparkle, but they do react to the light. In the winter the room is several shades lighter and brighter; in the spring it is a darker brown.
Of course currently the dining room and kitchen have a pink cast: a massive redbud fills the eastern windows, what isn’t filled by this is taken over by a Japanese maple slips, and a Wolf River apple is in full bloom on the west. It is a good thing that blue, rose, and gold play well with pink flowers!