and genealogy. Esperanza is so inextricably linked to the first two generations (Julie Palmer/Morris Smith) and Helen Yale Smith/William Webster Ellsworth) that it is weirdly easy to overlook the next ninety odd years of influence. I was flipping through some documentation relating to one of my long term projects, the transcription of the Mavourneen‘s logs, when I hit an amusing factoid. George Creevey, who married Lucy, the daughter of Helen/WWE, had a motor yacht named Mavourneen. His brother William had a motor yacht by the name of Eileen in 1912. Now the question arises, did William name the yacht after George’s daughter, Eileen born in 1910, or was George’s daughter named after the yacht? The problem being that I don’t know how old the yacht was… In either case, that George and William were close to their Scots-Irish roots, despite several generations in the Adirondacks seems clear.