It finally being spring. The elevation changes around here are very evident; down in the valley (lower by about 500 feet) the red maples and star magnolias are just starting to bud out, as are the forsythia and quince. Up here, while definitely almost there, they are not quite there yet.
The crocus continue, primarily the big vernus and flavus types; your classic big bold crocus colors. But the smaller chrysanthus (cream yellow/blue pastels), which have been going for nearly a month, are still quite showy. A few of the ‘Ruby Giant’ tommasinianus are still blooming, but the straight species is done. Interestingly, the small biflorus (very little, white with dark purple striping) which I had thought would be early is only just started up.
The daffodils are contemplating life. Van Sion, the old doubled yellow/green, is blooming quite happily.
The scilla, primarily the classic Siberian blue, is blooming. We also have some of the white/pink/blue bifolia type; those have a pyramidal bunch of upward facing flowers in pastel shades, rather than the Siberian’s few bells of cerulean blue.
The snowflakes, Leucojum vernum, which is Not the more commonly sold Leucojum aestivum, is still blooming. L. vernum blooms beginning in early March; L. aestivum is in May.
The Galanthus are essentially done.
The few remaining Chiondoxa gigantea are blooming. They aren’t especially happy where they are, too many leaves.
The Hellebores are finally starting up. (so much for being Lenten Roses!!!)
The Pulmonaria (Sissinghurst White and Mrs Moon) are blooming.
Others? A bit of chickweed
Yes, yes, I know, you would like pictures…