Sunsets here are very obvious, with the great sweep of the meadow and the far hills, one can never miss the exact point in time when the sun sinks below the horizon.  Sunrises, however, have an entirely different aspect.  If the trees weren’t here, of course, they would be just like the sunsets.  But the trees are here.  So the sun rises behind them, as through a curtain of lace and green silk.  Early morning light is more ‘alive’ than sunset somehow, it is lighter. * Today, with a fresh inch of new snow on all the trees it was even more so.  Gold light, dark green trees, and diamond white snow.

And then not fifteen minutes later, the gold had vanished, and the day turned bright, with a clear blue sky, white snow under a distant sun.

*I am a closer to a poet than a scientist, thank you.