It is somewhat stupid to have begun pruning an apple tree just before the storm.  I am now stuck eyeing the unfinished project from the window.  I am sure that if I was made of tougher stuff, I’d be out there pruning.  Somehow, however, 28 inches of snow, plus Drifting, just aren’t conducive to any ease of work.*  And no, I don’t have snowshoes from which I can prune!  So I shall content myself with contemplating which branches I want to work on and how.  The tree will wait and the snow will melt, would that life was always so!

*as this town had one of the ‘official’ stations for measurement, I can be fairly confident in that amount.  It would impossible to measure that on the property: if it isn’t under a tree, it is in the wind.  Actually, there was one wind-free spot, or less windy, the north-west, bottom corner of the hayfield: the snow was still stuck to the branches in that corner even after high winds all Saturday; an interesting bit of information to see clearly demonstrated.  I will say that thigh high drifts are an awesome workout, and they make both the fishpond (which needed shoveling for the waterfall to continue to work if this next storm is ice) and the barn marvellously far away.