Considering the seed packets that arrived in the mail today, mostly vegetable seeds, I was struck by the miracle, the everyday miracle, that is gardening.  It is a triumph of nature: taking this tiny seed and creating a plant that may produce many pounds of produce in a few short months.  It is also a triumph of the modern world.  How rich we are, that we can order seeds from half a continent away, every spring, and the choices are endless.  I can grow any vegetable that I want, from any continent, from any culture.  Some may take more work than others; some may be harder to find, but I can.  If I want an heirloom tomato similar to the original pre-Columbian, or an Italian, or a Ukrianian, or perhaps a modern genetically engineered hybrid?  All possible.  And next year, something different.

Whatever one’s take on gardening; that really is amazing.