or projects.  About this time of year, we tend to start eyeing the house as much as the garden.  Reorganization seems to be this year’s theme.  Partly because we are, again, completely and utterly out of shelf space for books and partly because the sunniest room in the house is currently being ill-used for art storage.*  However, in order to move something somewhere else…first one has to move something else…  So in order to reorganize room A, room B has to be cleared, to clear room B one has to reorder (cue ominous music) the Barn.

   This leads to a number of projects in and of itself, for example: anybody got nifty ideas on how to attach dust catching curtains to bookshelves which are 10 feet tall, 20 feet long and are in a barn?  They have to keep dust out, but let the books breathe to avoid moisture buildup, and have to be easily operable…I’m thinking my Ag. supply company has something….roller shades for dairy barns perhaps?

And for the bibliophiles having heart attacks…those bookshelves will be used for the older technical or professional volumes, horribly written mysteries, and that ilk.  Excess encyclopedias, dictionaries, so forth.  Anything written pre-1900 or bound in leather is automatically excluded. It still won’t solve the bookshelf problem of course….because the shelves in question are already mostly full…. (and no the answer is not to stop buying or collecting books!)*

*better there than the barn, but the room needs to be usable again.

*in case you’re wondering the last estimate was about 10,000 to 14,000 volumes.  Which might be a bit high, since that was a rough guess based on a rough guess of shelf feet.  or not, on writing this I just looked at the library, that comes to a bit over 2,000 volumes right there… and the library is misnamed, for other areas have more books…and all rooms have some books…