reveal inner tendencies towards Druidism, or something.

Here’s the thing, if you really, really want to you can rebuild a building exactly as it was before it was damaged or destroyed.  You can even blow it up* and do so, there are several very impressive churches in Cologne, Germany that were rebuilt from rubble.  With advances in imaging, I suspect that it will shortly be possible to create perfect replicas of even small details, technically possible if not financially so.

What you can’t do is rebuild a tree.  If you lose a century old tree, you cannot replace it.  It isn’t just a chunk of wood, it is live wood plus a unique interval of time.

The physical mark of this hurricane, however relatively minor** might be recorded longest not by man but by trees.  Interesting thought.

*technically, those were bombed ‘down’.   English, gotta love it.

**The blogosphere is apparently composed of an equal number of Manhattanites claiming the world ended and Midwesterners/Texans claiming the world didn’t end and anyway if it had they would have dealt with it better than those wimpy Yanks who are stupid enough to live in a city.  California is oddly silent.