c.1883, Sarah L. Jones

“a very …. old… dilapidated house, well to the west/sic. should be east/ as the road turns …. to the north, indicates the former residence of Eli Merrill,Sr. and his uncle, Joseph Merrill, 2d…. Within the memory of Mr. Eli J. Merrill, who now owns this old farm, there stood, about twelve rods east of the house, a monument, set there at the early survey of the town to mark the geographical center of New Hartford. The monument consisted of stones laid up, with a stake in the center. It was the orginal intention to locate the meeting house near this point, but upon examination, the ground was thought to be too low and wet, so the stake was pitched on higher ground to the north, near the present Town Hill church.”

Somewhere up there, I have a dubious sketch map as well so I know about where it might be….in a very soggy tangled thicket I believe….