is one of those things which most folks possessed of (or by) a lawn have to do from time to time. Most of the time it is a chore of varying pleasure, depending somewhat on what one is using to to do the mowing. Mowing a paddock, however, has some real entertainment value. Swallows and field mice. The swallows are best, and it is just a joy to watch them making high speed passes over the area, sometimes beside one as one goes along, sometimes just in front, sometimes high overhead. They are wonderful graceful aerial acrobats. The fact that they are just after the bugs which the mower kicks up is more or less irrelevant. The field mice are just good humour. They don’t really like being mowed over, of course (though it doesn’t seem to hurt them) and so one sees them from time to time, dashing madly for cover, and one can’t help but at least chuckle.