In a rather chilly and wet May, which is actually a good thing. A few daffodils are still going, actually at the peak of season for the Poets (Pheasant’s Eye) daffodil, but also a few lingering others; the apple trees, the lilacs, the carlesii viburnums are thinking about it; the early evergreen pink azaleas are almost done, the white small leaf evergreens are starting, and the big deciduous (Exbury types) are about to begin; the shadblows are finished, but the redbuds are in full bloom as are the native flowering dogwoods. A variety of wildflowers: the trout lilies are done, but the white trilliums are hitting their peak, as are the various wood anemone types. Bluets, violets, early rock iris, sweet woodruff, and that sort are all quite happy.

The sweet woodruff is particularly good this year. It takes its time, but once established in a place it likes, off it goes. The unraked, no foot traffic, no tall stuff, shade beneath the Japanese Maple seems particularly promising for it. I ought to have made some May wine!