In this state and with these resources…it feels like a weird hybrid of chess, dreams, and cynical practicality. And what of the above will win out? There is a balance between the long term investment and the short term priorities, currently I have the privilege with working with both types, and it really does tend to alter the decisions that one makes if one is looking at rental return (measured in this year or the next) or ‘will I need to do this again this generation’. It is interesting. Both have their strong points.

But I don’t know which is better, I know which I prefer, but that isn’t necessarily the same thing. I do know that the only certainty is death and taxes…and…greater than both of those, the sheer glory of the day. The landscaping here goes from strength to strength, a living painting that year by year has a better foundation upon which to build. The equipment and the knowledge of that equipment, also builds strength upon strength. And the reason? Well, it won’t pay the bills, but the beauty of this land is enough in the moment when the clouds break and the sun shines upon the green fields.