The rain followed by the heat has made everything pop up at an unbelievable speed (including the blackflies), which is lovely. Well not the blackflies.

You can almost see things growing at this point and blooming. Especially our various woodlands plants that are pretty good at fast growing when there is the right combination of rain and warmth. Ferns, for example, can come up very quickly. Odd things ferns, I’ve found that they really don’t transplant well at all. But they are incredibly tough and long lived if they are happy where they are. I suspect we often underestimate just how old ferns can get. I know the Interrupted ferns under the house’s bay window are in pictures from a century ago. Some of the fern species, those included, have gone from invisible to uncurling in a matter of days, which is quite a bit of energy when you stop and think about it. Plants are amazing.