I am forever moving plants….usually shrubs. Eventually they get into the right spot and they like it. But quite often it takes some shifting about to get it right, usually only once but that is quite common. The current record holder is a blueberry bush. It is on its third or fourth relocation, always in places where other blueberries are happy. I think the real problem with it is that it is a Fancy Blueberry bush. In fact, it is a rather dubious one that I picked up because it had gorgeous fall color (which it does), good form (till it died back) and was 75% off. It also has pink blueberries supposedly. Not that I have ever seen them. But its overall unhappiness reinforces my impression that sometimes we can fiddle a plant a little Too Far. Often the variegated or odd colored fruit types have less vigor than the ones that are closer to the original type. Further reinforced by playing similar musical plants with a variegated dogwood as well. It seems to need a little bit more moisture, and besides I’d changed my mind on a tall thing (not that it had grown mind you) in that location. Round and round we go!