The answer is both yes and no. The creature below will go almost anywhere, until gravity takes over. (not that we would try that, though one bit was sketchy enough that I got out and walked down, ‘so I don’t have to worry’ quoting the driver there) However, the tracks, which give among other things almost two and a half feet of ground clearance on a already fully articulated beast, add a foot of width and 500 pounds, bringing it up to just shy of 2000.

But the real limiting factor are the trees! It is over six feet wide, and while it can drive over things up to about two inches in diameter (species dependent) anything larger you have to go around. So no, actually you can’t go anywhere. At least not in New England. Sometimes, you leave it and take a rather pleasant hike up into the woods. (which is always enjoyable, but it is time consuming)

However, there are huge positives. The biggest, aside from being an all terrain snowmobile and UTV (which is useful!), is that it has much, much less point ground pressure. This means less soil disturbance, no ruts, and no erosion. This is a huge bonus from a water quality/environmental/security standpoint.

Fun and games!