(their bees actually)

The crocus tried to come up in February and got nailed back down through all of March, but they were up and blooming today* all along the fence. Mostly early species crocus, I’ve had a devil of the time with the rodents chewing their way through the area (which is daylilies later in the year). But some have survived.**

You could hear the bees from about ten feet away. Every single open flower (and some that weren’t, literally I watched one bee trying to pry a flower open!) hosted a bee, with others buzzing about. Pretty neat. And not just the neighbor’s honeybees, but a number of smaller pollinator types. The rodents may defeat me there; but it is so fun to see the bees, who were clearly so very hungry, that I am going to figure out a better location for the crocus.

*it might snow tomorrow….sigh. There are still snow patches in the very middle of the field, full sun!

** hundreds if I actually counted