Since the weather isn’t cooperating in the slightest. Contemplating the best way to deal with the walk up from the barn….it has to be something a good sized snow blower can deal with. Shovels are out. Something that isn’t slippery, something that works nicely in the informal landscape, but is a straight path (see snowblower).

Possibly poured concrete, maybe with brick headers set to break the monotony and to be decent expansion joints. Maybe with a brick or stone turnaround at the top? Poured concrete is the most cost effective, despite the challenge of pouring it, but getting it to look good…that requires thought.

Still the mud doesn’t work, and shoveling….well for a lot of reasons I’m aiming at long term, labor saving improvements that will let either older people, or one person, deal with the place sensibly. The upfront costs are probably less than the long term ones, and as long as the aesthetic trade-off is minimal it makes sense. (in this case it is a positive in any sense, since Mud) The visuals haven’t quite clicked yet, but I daresay they will.  Who knows, maybe we will even deal with the power lines at the same time!