as always! If one can complain about the weather, an inevitable force of nature, the original force of nature!, one is doing pretty well. Excess energy and all that?!

Anyway, it was with dismay that I got the report back yesterday, all ‘my’ wells were dry. This is a series of hand dug, historical well sites that have been put back into use as a cheap way to look at subsurface groundwater flows between surface and 22 feet in depth, between elevation 1100 and 600. They all went dry last fall, some very early in September, some hanging on till November. We were hoping that the little bit of rain and snow might recharge them a bit. No such luck. The ground really is frozen solid, and all that rain went downstream.

On the good side, that means we really are looking at groundwater recharge and they aren’t acting as cisterns. On the bad side….that means the drought continues with a vengeance.

Curiously, I was out on another property the other day, on my hill, and came across an old well with water in it, along with a spring (also with water). What was nice about that was that those two were roughly the same elevation as my well. So hopefully that bit of underground water is still flowing nicely. But groundwater is weird stuff, there is a reason that the gods were worshiped at springs.