Following a shift of flat out hustle in a retail store, I was in a mood to reflect on the way home (either that or fall asleep). I suppose I am a hopeless optimist, but somehow there is joy in the oddest of things, from the littlest: catching every single light green on my commute home*, or when the laundry rolls around to the nice, comfy pair of socks for the day. To the big: the ‘new’ truck that I have; a wonderful man as a partner; really honest, decent bosses in all my jobs. To the wondrous: the glory of the sunrise and sunset; the trees and the fields; the rivers that flow ever down towards the sea.

So if there is a pair of socks under the tree**, that is no bad thing necessarily. It just might be the reason the day starts off well. Simple Gifts.

*For those who know where the store is, that qualifies as a miracle.

**Entirely hypothetical, I am not doing any gifts this year