Finally, not much (about three quarters of an inch) but a little bit. It is always remarkable how that changes the fall leaves. They go from being crunchy, almost sharp feeling, and Loud, to a soft, quiet blanket in the forest.

It’s been an odd fall. We’ve had some cold night, enough to kill off things like marigolds, but nothing that has lasted. Consequently, I still have beets out in the garden. I could have chard too, but we pretty much ate our way through it; which is a good thing! For once it was us and not the deer. Not sure exactly where the deer are.  There is plenty of evidence in the woods for deer having been there, but they seem a bit more elusive this year, I’ve only seen a few at the bottom of the meadow. And one or two passing through the house lot.  It may be that the idea that the soaring bear population is crashing the deer population is being answered with a resounding ‘yes’.  Since both the bears and the deer are actually highest in number in suburbia, this could be a very complex interaction indeed. It will keep the wildlife biologists busy!