Optimism is a second cutting of hay on October 31st in New England.  The nights at this time of year tend towards heavy dew and or frost and are combined with short days and cooler temperatures. Not exactly ideal for drying hay.  But, he just might get something off of it.   At least a few big round bales for his cows. I think that is probably the latest date that the field has ever been cut though! Usually in a year with good rain it is early-mid September, without good rain generally the first week in October. First cutting ranges from early June to mid-July and is largely dependent on what type of hay the person is aiming for.  Or should be: from not quite mature and high in calorie content to past mature and high in fiber. Second cutting is pretty standard grass hay, though this year due to the late date and the drought, it won’t be very high in quality.

Now, will it regrow at all in the next few weeks? It might actually, which would be nice for the horse if nothing else.