Habitat therefor.  Southeastern Connecticut (Patchaug State Forest, Wyassup Road Block), two years on from a clear cut for New England Cottontail habitat. Also excellent for certain birds. Completely, totally impossible for a person to walk through. Hence, the popularity with things like rabbits, bobcats, fox, grouse, turkey, and all that sort of critter.

Believe it or not, the New England Cottontail (identical on the exterior and interior, aside from a slight difference in the shape of the inner ear, to the Eastern Cottontail) is a species of concern, despite being a rabbit.  Actually, it makes a great deal of sense, since (unlike the Eastern Cottontail) it doesn’t care for suburbia or intense agriculture, preferring instead the natural fields, burned areas, and beaver swamps, and now human created clearcuts.

Who knows if one will ever see a rabbit.  But, I bet it is going to be an awesome birding location!

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