Or how to annoy the fishermen…..saw a very proud Bald Eagle the other day down on the river by the retaining wall in town. A popular fishing spot because the bend in the river hits the wall and makes a fairly deep pool.  In a year like this, those deep pools are critical habitat for the trout. They are, of course, also a confined space.  The eagles know this too, so it isn’t too uncommon to see the pair that lives up on the lower reservoir dropping down to the center of town. Often they will hang out on the hill that rises to the west of the river, which is on the other side of the road that runs on the top of the wall.  In this case, he or she popped up over the wall and over the road a little more slowly than is their wont.  With good reason.  That had to have been one of the bigger trout in the river.  Emphasis on past tense.  The eagle looked, if an eagle can, rather happy.