It doesn’t seem possible that tomorrow is the longest day of the year….It seems that summer is both early and late this year. There has been in my life a sense of both lost time and the living wonder of present joy, that perhaps accounts for the sense of being slightly jetlagged and out of step.

It is funny how we visualize things. I saw the first fireflies last night, deep in the trees and the moon lit shadows of the road.  The heavy, languid heat of summer brings them alive. They belong to those velvet nights. I couldn’t picture them in winter or in spring.  Like lightening (which is always so weird in a snowstorm), they would be entirely wrong in winter. Their bright spark would be lost in the sharpness of a winter night when the stars rule the sky, but in the soft summer night they fit as a counterpoint to the, for lack of a better term, denser darkness.