the vegetable garden, drip irrigation is a wonderful creation. We actually might get something from it this year, which I didn’t really expect.  I’ve already thinned the beets and chard, along with a few early peas and some garlic scapes.  The parsley is coming along nicely, as are the beans and the onions. The squash is a bit slow, but hopefully it can catch up.  We would starve if we were relying on it, but it isn’t a bad addition.

And chasing off some exuberant young things coming across from the neighboring vineyard.  A wedding I think.  I always feel oddly guilty about doing the ‘Get off my lawn’ thing.  It isn’t that they mean harm, usually, and they deflate so.  I don’t like deflating people.  But, ‘Get off my lawn’ nonetheless.  Ah well.