Despite some set backs (last winter nearly killed the white grapes and the Clematis montana ‘Mayleen’ and did kill the fall clematis) and some slightly out of control vines: the Clematis texensis  is occupied by a Chipping Sparrow nest so I can’t tie it up…. the pergola is coming along nicely.  Currently the native honeysuckle (Major Wheeler) is occupying pride of place at the south end. Clematis ‘Killian Donohue’ is blooming in the middle opposite some Blue Flag that ought not to be there….but, ‘Mayleen’ ought to be light pink at the far end…but.

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The bush is the C. texensis ‘Duchess of Albany’…..very pretty but in need of training…except for said sparrow. The enthusiastic grape down towards the end is a seedless Concord grape, and very good it is.  The vine in the foreground is the variegated kiwi (note the pink leaves…..? ah well) maybe this year we will get the kiwis, the chipmunk got them last year.