One of the quiet glories of the garden is the trillium.  This is the classic white trillium that I will forever associate with Mont-Royal in Montreal.  But also with here.  Planted by my grandmother, it has slowly, slowly spread.  It takes seven years from seed germination to flower…if all goes well.  And the germination rate is low.  One of the best things is that the patch, once concentrated in one spot, has now spread out.  Helped by human hands, and its old friends the ants which carry the seed, there are now a few trillium on the other side of the drive, elsewhere in the garden, and under a few other trees.  This is good.

They had made me nervous this year, with very little rain, they had come up small and tight. And since that single whorl of leaves is all they have for the year, that is worrisome.  But with that week of rain, the leaves expanded and they are blooming away. Perhaps fifty plants now. Maybe more.