In little bits and pieces. I just managed to get the onions in the ground and some parsley.  I have also finally created the bed for the winter squash.  As I did last year, it is mostly old composted manure with a heavy mulch of old hay and paper bags.  It seemed to work last year, so why not this year? It cuts down on the whole weeding thing too.  I did nearly get the little tractor stuck doing this, amazing how slippery young hayfield grass on a steep slope is.  But, more’s the fun. Eventually that area will be a very nice area for a tamer garden, but since the winter squash vines hit nearly thirty feet in length last year, tame isn’t part of the agenda.

It really did work too. (though I don’t have seeds for that particular hybrid butternut: Polaris F1, this time around, it sold out in record time, no surprise considering the amount and quality of the crop)

We are still eating winter squash.  I highly recommend roasting peeled winter squash until it begins to brown (centimeter thick slices) and then mixing it with well sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and onion (a bit of sage and thyme added in).  Serve over pasta.  It might be that I have gotten somewhat bored with the standard presentation of winter squash: Mashed!