Accomplished.  The big Fringe Tree* by the drive way pillars had over the last century developed an impressive arching branch some six inches in diameter.  For the last few years it had been propped up, having split decades ago.  It was rotted, but still alive.  Then, a few days ago I noticed that the arch was no longer a nice curve but was instead sharply angled at the point where the main support was.  Sure enough, it had split and dropped even farther.  There was however a good new branch about an inch and a half in diameter, coming up from the roots and not the old trunk, that could replace the old arch.  Assuming the arch didn’t fall on it.

And so, it was time.  A few careful cuts with a saw and a bit of maneuvering to get the big branch out, and the job was accomplished. The fringe tree now looks almost exactly like it did a century ago.  I wonder what the next century will bring?

* Chionanthus virginicus to be precise. Is it properly a bush or a tree? I think, if a chainsaw is appropriate for cutting it down, it is a tree.  Actually, we used the Sawzall, mostly because the easiest way to do it was to have me support that arch while dad cut.  That meant standing about a foot from the blade.  You do Not do that with a chainsaw.