The canoe is out of the basement and back in the barn! Several more pieces of vegetable garden beds dug, miscellaneous tidying up here and there.

What’s blooming? The daffodils and a few tulips, various spring bulbs such as the scilla, chiondoxa, muscari, and the like.  A few wildflowers such as the violets, bluets, and pussytoes (out in the real woods, this is a good year for a number of spring ephemerals) The Star Magnolia is just opening today.  The crabapples will be opening by this weekend, as will the shadblows.  The peach and cherry are unknown quantities.  It looks like the cherries weathered that last cold snap, but I am not quite sure about the peach…..we will see shortly.  The forsythia didn’t care for it.  Odd plant, it should be reliable; but more years than not it doesn’t bloom well.  Strange.

It has swung over to hot and dry (for us) though, so I think a lot of things are going to go bang and grow very fast indeed.