I suppose winter had to show up at some point.  It is the wind more than the cold actually; it makes doing things outside a bit of a challenge what with random bits of tree branches coming down here and there.  Oddly enough, even Maine-bred loggers don’t like high wind.  Smart of them.

(Personal whine here) Still, I can’t say that I really care for this bit of winter. Or perhaps, more to the point, I don’t really care for trying to balance several schedules that can’t really slow down because it is winter.  The modern world of reports and budgets grinds on, as does the modern world of working shift schedules. Combining them and winter weather….well. *

But the world is turning, and as cold as it is, the sun is winning and the moon is riding high. There is today and God willing there is tomorrow.

*All made a bit grimmer by the news that a man I have come to know fairly well over the last two years, at least his temperament and his outlook on business, died last night.  All of us on the board in question knew it was coming, but still it jars.