We have a lot of big trees here….

But every once in awhile the trees that capture one’s attention change (this takes a decade or two). The current suddenly noticeable one, for me, is the second of the two spruces beyond Happy Thought.  I know, who actually remembers it is there, aside from the massive trunk?  One doesn’t notice it because one can’t actually, really see its top from the house lot.

But you certainly can now from the bottom of the meadow.  In early photographs it was very visible, since there were no trees to the west of it and it was planted early on.  But then the tennis court went to white pine in the 40’s and it vanished.  Well, it has re-emerged from behind them again. I wonder how big it will get?  The pines could out top it again of course, but their first sprint has slowed down to a steady marathon pace.

You can see it below on the left side, on far the right of the clump of pines. Behind the last pine there is the distinctive silhouette of a Norway spruce, spikier and darker green that the pine.  Compare it to the other spruce immediately to the right, which is a much more important tree when one is on the lawn; but is much smaller.  Obviously, it has been above the pines for a few years, but it really is only just getting to be noticeable.  It also may be approaching the prize as the tallest tree on the place.

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