complaints….it is nice for some things.  But honestly, forties and sunny day after day does not put one in the mood for Christmas in New England.  Though there was ice all day, thin ice, but still ice on a bit of sheltered water today; so I guess it is trying to be winter.*  I just have this feeling we will pay for it….  more than we already are.

My apologies for the light posting recently, both jobs (and some of the volunteer things) have ratcheted the tension up a bit high.  One job, of course, remains incredibly enjoyable and, God willing, when word comes down from high about the budget will continue as such.  The other is retail in the holiday season in a very, very bad year for retail, less said the better.

However in actual news from here, the canoe has its layer of Dacron successfully applied! It looks sort of like it has been shrink wrapped in parachute cloth.  And essentially that is what has happened.  Awesome!

*Thus neatly demonstrating what had been observed back in the summer: that judging by the healthy hemlocks in that cove it was the coldest spot on the pond.  Considering it is at the northernmost point in the state and shaded from the south and west by a practically vertical hillside of about 300 feet in height, not really a surprise.