At least they are consistent. I was flipping through photographs from last year, attempting to come up with something relevant*, and noted that I photographed them during the first two weeks of November last year, so they must have been at the height of their bloom then. This year, the same: all three younger ones are blooming like mad right. Two orange/gold and a multi (pink/white), which is actually two plants in one pot. Go figure. At least they’ll look good for some visitors this week.

It must be something about the timing of the blossom set, now is it by temperature or light I wonder?  And do I really want to force a plant? I don’t like doing that to them, somehow.



*I could write all day about church budgets, revisions to Episcopal Church structure, parliamentary rules of meeting, trains in the Farmington River valley, reservoirs, trees, or…I can pinch hit and publicly read complicated chunks of OT too!