The birds are having a ball: three types of sparrows, titmice, nuthatch, chickadee, juncos, woodpeckers, et al. working away on the dropped apples.  Only the mourning doves don’t seem to care for them.

Two stroke engines that start on the first pull: Awesome. Two stroke engines that don’t: language practice.

Chainsaws are wonderful. Sharp chainsaws are even better.

I like the smell of sawdust/gasoline/bar oil.

It was a very nice and productive day.  And that really annoying little re-sprouting tulip tree is finally cut down! It wasn’t even what would be sapling size really (three stems, each about four inches, about ten-twelve feet in length). I’ve been using it as guard for the Sugar Maple that is intended for the spot next to the drive.  It had gotten a bit ugly, thanks to periodic cutting over the last five years. It will resprout next year of course, to do its job once more. But not at a size which will interfere with the maple.