It seems we hit or went under 25 F last night (according to my notes that is the temperature which causes the Gingkos to drop). Sure enough, a steady leaf fall of very green leaves out there. It will be a pain to clean up.  Interestingly, they hung on frozen until the sun hit them this morning. The sixty year old one on the South Lawn has a more open branch structure and is dropping them faster, it will probably be bare by noon. The big one on the north lawn is slower, but also looks to have gotten sufficiently cold.

No gold fans this year. Just green banana peel….

Curious plants.

The oaks, of course, could care less. They are still solidly green and still whacking one with acorns. It is a great time of year, if you can get the distance (from another hill or from the air), to look at forest cover. Each species of tree looks different.