I am not a birder, but there is one bird that every customer at my store seems to be seeing. And it is annoying. (My other job is also frustrating: somebody stops by and mentions to my boss something like this: ‘Hey did you hear about the bull moose Joe saw on the service road?’ grrr)

Anyway, back to the bird. I was astonished on my way out the drive this morning to finally see it.  Picture if you will, the flagpole garden (white daisies and spikes of cream yellow mullein and evening primrose right now), beyond the hay field and the trees. All vibrant colors thanks to the passing thunderstorm and the clearing sky: whites, grays, and bright blues. And there, on that yellow mullein spike was a brilliant lapis lazuli bird. The sort of high quality polished lapis lazuli that you almost never see outside of old jewelry. Far, far brighter than any bluebird out there. It was, of course, an indigo bunting. Absolutely gorgeous.

You can’t buy that sort of moment.